Church Groups


For ease of reference, the choir is generally split between the Adults (who don’t get paid) and the Junior Choir (who do get paid).

The primary contact for the Junior Choir is Richard Pilliner, the Choirmaster. Most queries are handled before/after rehearsals and services, but Richard can also be contacted at:

TSCM Medals

St John’s Choir has been affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music since 1947. The RSCM has a medal and ribbon scheme (principally for Juniors) that reflects the individual choir members musical achievements. St John’s Choir follows the ‘Voice for Life’ scheme and Richard Pilliner can provide further details about medals, ribbons etc, and how choristers can earn them.

Times of Rehearsals and Services

Rehearsals are scheduled for most Friday evenings during term time at the following times:

Junior Choir 6.00 pm – 7.00pm
Adults 7.30 – 9.00pm

Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee is in charge of organising the social events and fund-raisers which do just that. Regular events include Quiz Nights, Auctions and Musical concerts, both classical and rock, usually with food, and always with liquid refreshments.

Friday Knights

The Friday Knights is the St John’s men’s group who meet on the second Friday of every month, bar August. Our events are split between nights in the Church Hall, The Tamberlin Room and evenings out. Subs are £12 p.a. with a voluntary “top up” of £8 which we pay over to our chosen charity. We have a widespread age group, so no one is too old or too young.

Mother’s Union

The Mothers Union meets twice a month – afternoon and evening – and has about 20 members.

Sidesperson, Apistle Readers, Tellers etc

If you are on one of the rotas at St John’s this link might remind you. rotas-dec-2016-jan-2017

PCC Minutes

A copy of the most recent PCC Minutes can be seen here pcc-minutes-17-november-2016-web